Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Scandal Tres

Written to a group in Yahoo populated by Singapore Indians who are all in one-mind about the progress and maintenance of the Tamil language:

Oli 96.8 used to play tamil devotional songs in the past. However, this program was stopped abruptly without any reasons. However, they are still having islamic songs & talks twice a week and Christian songs & sermon on Sunday mornings.

I wrote in to Oli Dxxxx twice and did not get a satisfactory reply. I sent the email to the CEO of mediacorp Lucas Chow however he was out of office. Finally the Vice President Ms Sandra Chan replied that it was done according to the govt guidelines.

I wish to garner support in asking Oli to play tamil devotional songs like in the past. Inside news revealed that it was due to the pressure of the xxxxxxx xxxxx who pressurized the station to reduce the broadcasting of tamil devotional songs and the station reduced their broadcast and eventually removed the entire slot.

I strongly feel that the radio should play tamil devotional songs since they doing so for the ethinic groups. I am seriously not buying Sandra's reason. The media who should be advocating the need and passion for language are failing in their duties. Vasantham Central is the classic example, I don't wish Oli 96.8 to follow suit.

I am at a loss now. Would you be able to help me? We are already losing our foothold slowly here. If we do not voice out now, Tamilians will lose our voices forever.

I have attached the string of emails to Oli. Hope to get your support.

warmest regards

Intially we meant this to tag on to the MDA post, but then we realized it was actually a scandalous find. Now, the questions we are cracking our brains about:

1. Who the hell is "Oli Dxxxx"? - Come on, go brainstorm. How many Oli personalities or management are there with names that start with D.

2. xxxxxxx xxxxx ??? - This is something harder and probably more suitable for the MENSA-qualified personnel amongst us. Good clue for a charade game though. 2 words, 7 and 5 letters. God knows, let us know if you have figured it out.

3. Inside news ? - Ah, everyone has their Yettapan waiting in the shadows.

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Saturday, December 09, 2006

MDA Xchange

Now, we pride ourselves on uncovering the hidden, the shoved under the litter box, the unseen to the public eye. KLKillahs have dug deep in an attempt to push attention away from the apparent neglect of this site, to bring you this never before published exclusive on certain exchanges between the MDA and members of the Yindian public.

We're back for good. Apologies for the slacking off. Some of us actually have work to do instead of sitting here and refreshing this page 50 times a day. Don't let this discourage you from bookmarking us [Ctrl + D], making us your start page , using our wallpaper [all 3] and whoring our emoticon on every chat window till you get blocked and deleted. Without further ado, witness:

You might get a little KLKonfused as we did because obviously one or two vital pieces of electronic mail were lost in cyberspace. Still, as long you get the drift. We didn't spend 2 crates of Chang Beer on this for nothing.

Jaya Mohan wrote on 25/10/2006 07:23:33 PM:

Dear Tessa Monteiro,

I am disappointed with your reply. I notice that my other issues have not been addressed in your email. Since you have said that "MDA has also consulted the Indian Programme Advisory Committee (IPAC) members on the matter and the majority feedback is that they accept the segments within Miss Vasantham as long as they are tastefully done and with the contestants' consent." I would like to know if these people are members of public or are they from media-corp/news media as well and if you don't mind you might want to reveal their names so that the Indians can get know them too. Kindly also make a survey of whether non-Tamil speaking judges are acceptable because I notice an invasion of non -Tamil speaking actors in Vasantham central right now too. I hope this does not become a trend even to other media stations unless necessary. I do not notice the same happening in the other channels / stations
and when Indian actors are given roles they will be like barbers or security guards, nothing wrong with these jobs but are Indians portrayed as only these types job doers, come on there are other roles that can be given to them too. If some of the matters are beyond your control you may want to bring up the matter with IPAC committee.

Jaya Mohan S/O Rajagopal

Tessa Mae MONTEIRO wrote on 26/10/2006 2:45:22 AM:

Dear Ms Jaya Mohan,

Members in the Indian Programmes Advisory Committee (IPAC) are members of the public who meet regularly to discuss, mainly, programming matters on TV and radio, providing advice to the MDA and the industry. You may wish to visit MDA's webpage at for more information regarding the Committee.
We note your concerns with regards to the presence of non-Tamil speaking people on Vasantham Central's programmes. We also wish to highlight that our local channels often include other races especially in local programmes to reflect our multi-racial society and various talents. Nevertheless, we will monitor the situation together with the IPAC members and Vasantham Central to ensure Tamil remains the main language of the channel.
Thank you again for your valuable feedback.

Yours sincerely,
Tessa Monteiro . Manager . Communications . Media Development Authority
DID:+65 68379757 . Fax:+65 63364142 . Website:

Jaya Mohan wrote on 27/10/2006 6:53:00 PM:

Dear Tessa Monteiro

Firstly I am Mr Jaya Mohan you may address me as Mohan. Thank you for addressing my views.
I have no qualms over the inclusion of other races in any Tamil programme, except that English instead of Tamil becomes prevalent in that programme eg.Miss Vasantham where all the contestants opt to speak in mixtures of Tamil and English and when the preview was aired the girls spoke mostly in English. I suggest that all english speaking judges be removed immediately from Miss Vasantham for the Final and be not included in any Tamil programmes that are aired in vasantham central. Of course they can continue to include non-Tamil speaking actors if it is absolutely necessary for the plot of the story How many Tamil speaking actor do we see in the Chinese or Malay dramas?
Honestly, I am not too sure as to how long "Tamil remains the main language of the channel."

Jaya Mohan S/O Rajagopal

Mallika A wrote on 30 Oct, 2006 08:43 AM:

Dear Madam Tessa,

What was said by Mr Mohan was not only his view but the general view of most of the Tamils in Singapore. I am a Tamil teacher and I with most of the other Tamils feel this should be given importance and taken seriously. Please do the necessary actions.
With regards,

Tessa Monteiro wrote on Thursday, 9/11/2006 3:08:39 AM:

Dear Ms Mallika and Mr Jaya Mohan,

We have reviewed the programme, Miss Vasantham finals and agree that it could have catered better to Tamil viewers. We have reminded Vasantham Central of their primary role of providing programmes in Tamil for the community, and have issued them a stern warning with regard to the extensive use of English, especially in the Miss Vasantham finals.

The broadcaster is now more mindful of the sensitivities of its Indian viewers and regrets the excessive use of English in the programme.

We thank you both for highlighting this issue to us.

Yours sincerely,
Tessa Monteiro

After this reply, mass e-mailing all friends who were in the loop, Jaya Mohan wrote on 9/11/2006 10:56 pm:

Dear All
The reply from MDA is below please. Thanks to all that we got what we wanted ..... due recognition for the TAMIL LANGUAGE. We must take it to the next step by ensuring that this does not happen again not even repeated elsewhere in any of our own programmes too where possible.

If anyone of had read the NEW PAPER dated 31/10/2006(Tuesday) and the replies given by the producers etc. I think you would have cried over the demise of TAMIL. Thank GOD and good people who still happen to be around that common sense prevailed.

My next step is to knock on the doors of STB regarding Deepavali Decors at Serangoon Road, it ain't over till the fat lady stops singing and I can assure you that I will not stop for anyone or anything come what may for the sake of our BELOVED LANGUAGE.

Thanks again people
Jaya Mohan

cc - Miss Sarala Devi KALASILVAN [employee at Singapore Tourism Board] - Attached reply from MDA is for your information too. I hope you can also see the way MDA does. Please keep this in mind when your department supports any other languages other than Singapore's 4 official languages. It is still early to make amends and discuss and discard the other languages when it comes festive decors because I did not see other languages being used at Geylang Serai or Kampong Bugis during the Hari Raya Festivities or even Chinatown at Mid-Autumn unless I was short-sighted during their festive period, which is definitely not the case. I have not seen the Christmas decor I hope they can have Tamil words too if your department don't mind.
Is this enough to whet your appetite? More on the way as we unearth them. The secret world of e-mails and penned prose. Go wild with your comments. MDA spokes person's e-mail address is listed above if you care enough to start your own round of fresh opinionated repartee.

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